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"Tsk tsk, Tobi no need to be verbally apprehensive j’yes? Now shoo. I have a good handle on what to do now." Her gloved hands moved with such a motion to comically ‘shoo’ the masked man out of her private quarters. Well, as a woman who kept a good amount of information, she had reason to keep people out. Well, most. After listening to him take his leave in silence, the nightingale returned her attention to the scowling Uchiha. 


"Now tell me, did j’you loose j’your sight or were j’you without sight, Sasuke? … And try to not make such a face, there are worse things in life." 

Sasuke wanted to leave. He didn’t even talk to the girl, yet, he wanted to leave so he could just skip the part where he explained her why he didn’t need training. At least not right now. Yes, he knew he wasn’t strong enough to destroy Konoha, but being blind had nothing to do with it! Damn, it didn’t made him weak! He was just so angry…

"And does that make any difference?" Tsc, he knew it did, but couldn’t stop the bitter remark. "And how can you even say that there are worse things in life? You wouldn’t know."



                       ;;Sasuke sense are tingling, the don’t tread there warning is in place.;;


                        —— Is something bothering you-?                 ;]

      “What do you think that it’s bothering me?” Sasuke huffed, and God he wanted to glare at Naruto.
            “People, Naruto. People asking me every five minutes if I need some help.”


"Sasuke Uchiha? … Itachi-senpai’s brother?" Perhaps she shouldn’t have mentioned the older sibling. But it was information she began to pull from her mind in association with the name. With that, clouded eyes shifted downward in consideration…


"I can’t guarantee that I am the best option to train him, but I will do the best I can…"

Itachi-senpai? Only the mention of his brother’s name made Sasuke frown. So this girl knew who was his brother. Pff, obviously she did. She was Akatsuki, after all. It didn’t help how bitter he was feeling about that, though. To know that she shared more memories with his brother than himself… Damn, he was starting to get mad for a stupid reason. Again. “I said I don’t need that!”

Tobi finally gave him attention, but not to say what he wanted. “You want to destroy Konoha but you can’t even fight your old team. You’re not strong enough yet, and I don’t have the patience or the time to deal with you.” Ah, sure there was a poor excuse. Damn!


"Eh?" A turn of her head, the vocalist stared back to Tobi for intruding. "… Tobi-kun what is this? I wasn’t told about any ‘new face’ joining today…" 


Clouded eyes started at the young Uchiha for the moment before returning focus on the masked man once more. Papers in hands were safely tucked in her bag since new information wasn’t for everyone to see. 

A female voice? Sasuke wasn’t aware of any woman in Akatsuki. And he would be trained by this person? It was hard to believe. He sighed, shaking his head. “Oi, I already said I need no one to look after me!”

But Tobi just ignored him, which made the Uchiha annoyed. “This is Sasuke.” The man said as he faced the girl. “He’s our new member, and needs to improve his skills. Since he’s blind, I thought you would be the best option to help him.” Tch, of course the blind boy would need help. When would that end?

"Oh, I feel overjoyed." The irony.

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